Building teams and memories!

Executive and Business Retreats, building better connections in times of remote and online teams!

Co-Planning and Producer / 5.000€ Service Fee

Let’s plan a Business Retreat together 💬 We will make a plan, mainly because it helps being prepared for the day and to keep you on track, but most likely we won't follow the plan exactly. Plan some time to enjoy your surroundings, REST, and have FUN, even adding a full off-day before or after!🤿

Remember, you don’t have to get a lot “done”, as the main goal is CONNECTING, mainly with each other! 💞 It’s enough to engage with the topics and while you get distracted things will be processing in the background and ideas will pop-up.

Here’s an example of a "working retreat" day:

6-8 am, run / yoga / sunrise swim
8 am, breakfast
9 am, hangout, free form chats
10 am, “coffee shop” biz planning:
a. What’s going well this year?
b. What should we shift/change?
c. Goals for the rest of the year?
12 pm, lunch
2 pm, work on website and social media content
4 pm, team free form chats
5 pm, seaside hangout drinks / beach sunset
20 pm, dinner

 4-step plan for teams and company retreats: 

Don't worry about “content creation”, or over documenting the retreat, let it happen mostly naturally.

"Imagine going all-in on your project or startup, spending a year travelling for work, being out and on the go for more than 200 days out of the year! Yes it can be fun and addictive, but no, it's not good for you! You may not always see the need to stop, but if you don't, you'll hit the wall, hard!" - Yours truly

A portrait of the master himself, me, with overgrown beard sporting a Hawaiian shirt
A collage of google maps screenshots showing various parts of the world filled with pins on visited places

I'll be your Co-Pilot.

Having experienced innovation, corporate and startup cultures in 4 continents and with years of experience in cultural architecture, participation and event production I believe you won't find a better co-pilot to co-create your retreat. 🛩️

Not attached to any specific venue on stuck on hard-sales commissions I'm here to handhold and maximize what you can get out of a retreat in Portugal. 😎

An experienced host who can accommodate to ambassadors, trade delegations, CEOs, friends of friends, or even complete strangers, where I even pick up the occasional hitchhiker on my spare time. 🙋

Let's do this!