Take a break and recharge!

Take the ultimate getaway road trip in Portugal, and guided recovery break with me.

This is an out-of-the-box type of travel experience and guided potentially life changing moment. 🀯

In a slump? Spent? Always tired? Semi-depressed? Anxious? Pre-burn out? Overwhelmed? About to loose it? Been there! Don't underestimate the need to pause. Sometimes you really need to stop. Take a break. Take a breather. Sleep on it. Sometimes you just need to get away for a bit. πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

Let me help you or your partner, colleague, employee, friend, relative or companion with a getaway in Portugal and a recharging road trip of self care. πŸ₯°

I'll take care of you as we hit the road and start our road trip. We'll go sightseeing, find comfort food, grab a couple of drinks, chill, take in the landscapes, have some serious talk sessions, have some banter sessions. I guarantee you will recharge, feel better and potentially even change your mindset! 😎

It is a special kind of road trip, requires some particular set of skills, dedication, preparation, and thus it is not cheap! πŸ˜…

For individuals, here's my simple 3-step solution:

I'll bring you back a recharged and changed person.πŸ˜‡

Here are some reference base prices on different "modes":

Expenses separate


Flexible: book my time and dedication 24h/7 and we'll go where the mood takes us.

Expenses are added as we go along (gas, tolls, food, drinks,Β  accommodation, admittance tickets, etc).

General quality and price range can be adjusted to your wishes (for 1 or 2 people).

All inclusive

( 500€ + 250€/pp ) / day

Planned: book my time and dedication 24h/7 and get a detailed map and schedule of planned activities.

Everything is included! You don't have to worry or think about anything, I'll choose what we do and where we go, with some room for improvisation and your input (for 1 to 3 people).

Special access


Maximized: book my time and dedication 24h/7 and get my full array of rabbit-out-of-the-hat skills.Β 

Everything is upgraded and is meant to give you the best experience. Let's go to places not on the map, see and do things that aren't usually accessible to visitors.

Requires some time to make arrangements (1 to 4 people).Β 

First of all, THIS IS NOT:

Instead, THIS CAN BE:

Certainly, YOU WILL BE:

"Imagine going all-in on your project or startup, spending a year travelling for work, being out and on the go for more than 200 days out of the year! Yes it can be fun and addictive, but no, it's not good for you! You may not always see the need to stop, but if you don't, you'll hit the wall, hard!" - Yours truly

A portrait of the master himself, me, with overgrown beard sporting a Hawaiian shirt
A collage of google maps screenshots showing various parts of the world filled with pins on visited places

I'll be your Travel Companion.

With 40 years of experience riding the near-burn-out to extreme-procrastination ADHD rollercoaster I am now the ultimate master of chill, relaxation, food, drinks and sunset swims with self-proclaimed and unmatched insight and access around Portugal. 🎒

I am now a Merfolk ambassador, a hobbyist Oceanographer, a nightlife anthropologist and an ethical hedonist. πŸ§œβ€β™‚οΈ A foodie enthusiast, a nature and scientific tourism hobbyist and Ocean Whisperer🌊

Once native of Lisbon's Bairro Alto, I was reforged in the depths of Tokyo's Sangen-Jaya Triangle, but not before I got a chance to see the last glimpses of London's Camden before all those venues got lost in time, like beers in the rain... πŸ€– Intense but not as intense as New York, where if you blink, you'll miss it!πŸ—½

Survived the frozen Valhalla that are the Nordics, from Helsinki to Stockholm, from Oslo to Copenhagen. πŸ₯Ά I have immersed in the Baltics, from Tallinn to Riga and Vilnius as well as the South East Asian's strangely familiar oddities of Shanghai and Manila. πŸ«–

Few problems are actually unsolvable and you can have agency in the world! 😎 Let me show you!